Witching Hour

They call it the Witching Hour.

When the birds have long fallen silent.

And the air quakes with apprehension.

When the dark has come; swallowed the light.

The world becomes a savage thing.

But I turn my face to the sky and laugh.

Because I love it.

I love the frozen night.

When even the wind is quiet.

And the very air is waiting.

I love the memory of sunlight that lingers about me.

Even here remains the soul of the old north forest.



Inspiration from http://withrealtoads.blogspot.com


The Harebell Song

Can you the hear the harebells ringing?  Softly chiming, softly singing?

See them through the magic rain, purple crowns upon a chain.

Do you smell the flower’s mirth – all the ancient scents of earth?

Touch the silver-gilded leaves, waltzing in each wayworn breeze.

Like the flower, taste the air. Breathe the sunlight hanging there.

Cradled in its purple keep, follow it through fields of sleep

As ever, in the dark it tells: hear them! Hear the ringing bells!



This great prompt from http://withrealtoads.blogspot.com

The Guardian

Orion is an archer,

and all alone he walks the skies

night after night, club in one hand,

bow in the other.

Can you see his bright belt

sparkling like diamonds on clear winter nights?

Do you feel him watching over you,

ready to leap to your defense?






Nothing to Lose

“What have we got to lose?” You say to me. Well, maybe nothing. Maybe it’s a sure bet. But take a moment to think about what we’ve lost already. We lost the wooly mammoths, those towering beasts that must have seemed so invincible. We lost the Roman Empire, that enormous power that should never have failed. We lost the passenger pigeons, with their numbers so endless we didn’t see the danger. It’s not just the fragile things that we destroy. We lose the giant things, the immense things, and in the end we lose anything we didn’t try to save. So when you say we’ve got nothing to lose, I think about the icebergs, and the tundra, and the things that seem too big to worry us. How can they lose?

image Picture and inspiration from http://www.withrealtoads.blogspot.com