The Color of Dreams

If I was colorblind

and never’d seen the colors of the sky

at the place where sunset mingles orange and blue

and if I’d never seen the six different shades of pink

that apple blossoms fall in during spring

and if I didn’t know the color of each star

I wonder then how changed my life would be

I wonder then what dreams would claim my soul.




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My Heart is a Waterfall

my heart is a waterfall, that beats upon the sand

my blood flows steadily, strongly, quietly, as the deep river

each breath of mine is as measured as the waves of the ocean

my eyes are two moons, reflecting the light of everything around myself

as they look out at this world, this wild world, this empty untouched land that is my birthright to look upon

this wildness that is the very life of my soul, and the eternal breaking of it

I look out and I try to understand it, as my heart beats and my blood flows and my breath ebbs out, and in

and finally I stop looking, and at last I just am



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Dona Nobis Pacem


There’s a girl in a room

and it’s dark and it’s cold

and she’s angry and scared

and she’s not very old.

And she’s hoping that someone will notice her cries

as she once thought they would,

but each day her hope dies.

“They’ve planes and they’ve kings,

and thousands of things,

and they’re nothing but chains and lies.”

Her tears flow down every river,

she whispers in every town,

and she’s everywhere that isn’t fair

but her cries are being drowned.

Yet the hard dead world turns onward,

deaf to the pleas of the weak.

But at the last, all that’s past is due to those who speak.

For every child is born with the right

to dream about fixing what others incurred,

and every child is born with the sight

to see through the darkness a whole new world.



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