New Dress

last night they got me a brand-new dress
all silk and green and ribbons
today I am draped in its cloth, my hair twisted and braided
I feel perfect; I want to fly
but I
I am a flightless bird
who hears but cannot speak a word
and pretty dresses, I know, were meant for more
than twirling and giggling across the floor
up late – at my first party –
but for what more
I cannot guess
tonight, at six years old



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8 thoughts on “New Dress

  1. coalblack says:

    There will be time for all the rest of it; for now, a new dress is excitement enough!

  2. I love this…It so describes the delight of a little girl and a pretty dress.

  3. I really like the way you approached the telling of the tale.

  4. ellaedge says:

    I too love the dance of youth, the wonders and the whys…you expressed this so well!

  5. Gillena Cox says:

    nice one

    much love…

  6. gabrielle says:

    a lovely memory resurrected

  7. Helen Dehner says:

    As I read your poem, couldn’t help thinking of the children all dressed and ready for the dinner dance in The Sound of Music … I enjoyed this!

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