White wings
Rush of feathers

I don’t turn to look behind me
I don’t see it here
Around me

A cloud
Darker than shadow
And heavier than storm air

I don’t comprehend it now
But I feel it sitting
On my chest

Surrounds me
On top of me – and in my arms

It is reaching for you
It is inside of you
Fight it off

All of us
Fight with it – fight so hard

And as we battle for you
It cannot hold you
Not now

And you
Are here with me
Right now, and for a while

But what I didn’t see then
What I can’t see now
I remember

Are funny things
Because when I look back

I see something I didn’t
I see white feathers
On wings

Brighter than darkness
Lighter than the heaviness

On top of me – and in my arms
I didn’t comprehend it then
But I know I felt it

Around me –
And holding you
I don’t have a story, to prove it

But I don’t have to because
We’re here together
Right now

And for a while
For, as I hold you I know you are held, too

By a rush of white feathers
And a silence
And wings

Our Angel


I wrote this a little while ago after watching my dog survive what I think was a seizure.

Photo by me

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